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50 Reasons For Being a Homeopath’ is a lovely little book. It consists of 50 letters from the famous homeopathic doctor J. Compton Burnett to a young skeptic ‘Dr T.A.K’ & was written around 1888. It still shines with truth today.

Part: 23

Referring to my remarks in my last letter but one, that so many of the practitioners of Homeopathy do not believe in the so-called high dilutions, I should like to add a word or two, as I see by your reply (only just to hand) that you have mistaken my meaning. I do not mean that none of the homeopathic physicians believe in said dilutions, but that only a small minority of them, perhaps about one-fourth in this country. Furthermore, my cure of haemorrhage with Phosphorus is not only “an isolated case of the kind”, but only one of a large number; In fact, scores of these cases were published in homeopathic literature long years before I knew anything about the subject. You evidently forget that I am precluded from getting my reasons from our literature.

And in case you might also think the same limitedness applies to the use of Heclae lava in exostosis, I may say that you can find other cases in our literature more striking than this one of mine, and  – lest you should say faith did it – a Dublin physician cured his horse of a large exostosis with the same remedy! As my twenty-third reason for being a homeopath let me cite a:


The case was published long ago, and so I will not trouble you with details: suffice it to say, that the man who had the bony growth in his skull was completely and permanently cured by me with Metallic Gold in homeopathic preparation. Nor is this an isolated case of the kind; the thing has been done oft before, any time during the last fifty years, and even before that.