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(originally published in 2016 on Steemit)

This morning I saw a case for the 3rd time. He’s just over 3 years old now & the son of Pakistani parents.

On his first visit to me back in June I had drawn a timeline of the child’s life, from preconception up to the present time. I was looking for possible reasons for his autistic symptoms – a traumatic birth, or developmental problems in the womb for example.

His presenting symptoms were:

  • Flapping his arms when excited
  • Continual head-banging
  • Spinning around and around, lost in his own world
  • No eye contact
  • Completely non-verbal
  • Poor comprehension, didn’t respond to his own name or follow even simple instructions
  • Had daily bowel movements, but they were foul-smelling and accompanied by lots of gas.
  • No connection with those around him, no affection at all

I took his case as I said earlier & one interesting point was, that after a series of vaccines at one year old prior to a trip abroad he appeared to regress. Prior to these vaccines he had been an affectionate, smiley baby, he responded to his name, had good eye contact. But after these shots he got ill with a fever of 102 and regressed into the symptom picture listed above. He also started falling down a lot when walking, when previously he had been sure-footed.

Analysis: This looked like a clear case of vaccine damage to me. What I love about my method is, if I’m wrong then the prescription simply won’t work, so I can use the remedies like a diagnostic tool, as well as for healing.

My first prescription: A vaccine detox protocol + a remedy called ‘Helleborus’

Result after 8 weeks: (extract from an email his father sent me)

30% less flapping

50% reduced head banging

20% improve listening

20% better eye contact

50% sleeping well

30% less crying

30% more hugs & kisses

He started pointing

40% reduction in his falling over

And a major change – he start making some sounds & words

30% less frustrated


This is a brilliant result & confirmed my suspicion about the vaccines being at least one reason for his symptoms.


Second Prescription: Continue vaccine detox protocol + add a remedy called Baryta-Carb

Result after second 8 weeks: (extract from another email that his father sent)

” His progress is much better then before (Thanks to you). I don’t see him flapping anymore…
He can use a tablet himself and can easily turn on YouTube or games.
He still falls over, but less then before.
He’s struggling to say something but still can’t speak, so sometimes he gets frustrated.
His eye contact is better then before, but he doesn’t fully pay attention.
His sleep is much much better than before, he’s relaxed and calm, sometimes he sleeps-in until 11 am.”

Wow! I got to see him again in my office and all I can say is, he is not a little boy with autism anymore! He came in greeted me, perfect eye contact, sat nicely playing on his dad’s iPhone while we talked. He responded to his name, no flapping or headbanging or anything now & he’s attempting to talk, copying the sound of nursery rhymes etc. All that remains is the lack of speech, but you can tell that it is coming – he understands, he’s approximating noises now, there’s just a bit of a delay.

I love my job, but the scandal continues. As the parents of my patient said to me… why are the doctors allowing this to happen?