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The continuing series where I document a day in my life as a homeopath specialising in treating autism .

Case 1: Short Update. Male, 5 years old, autism. Finished an IVF detox, awaiting a treatment slot so I’ll have time to properly analyse the case. Did well on Nux Vom 6c as a liver-support remedy during the detox. Mum & school have reported a deterioration in behaviour since stopping it. Advised to re-start the Nux until we speak in a couple of weeks + give Lac Cannium 200c (dogs milk!) for his aggressive behaviour, fixation with water & excessive hunger.

Case 2: Idiopathic Hypertension. 40 years old, male. US. Elevated blood pressure (systole & diastole), diagnosed at age 27 and put on the drug ATENALOL ever since. No known cause of the hypertension. Fit & healthy otherwise. Some workplace stress & some symptoms of a ‘buzzing’ sensation in the body daily, some trembling, reports that he has a very flushed face if he bends over & then stands up. Prescription: Natrum Mur & Magnesium Phos 12x cell salts twice a day & Amyl Nitrate 30c 3-days-a-week for 4 weeks. Analysis: I’m unsure of the cause of the hypertension. One possibility is that it was just stress (patient was studying to be vet. surgeon at the time). He also consumes large amounts of protein, could this be a factor? This is NOT a sophisticated prescription!

And an update on his daughter who is under treatment with me for autism – ‘doing brilliantly’ on her second round of vaccine detoxes, Baryta-Carb & a remedy to stimulate her Pituitary Gland. Dramatic improvement in cognitive function – understanding and following instructions, becoming more aware of the world around her.

Case 3: ‘SOS’ email: Male, 6 years, ASD + hyperactivity. Currently on a vaccine detox. Mother emailed to say that he has an acute infection in his right ear, screaming in pain. Prescription: Belladonna 200c for 3 days + Mercury 200c for the next 3 days. Analysis: This is likely to be a detox reaction to his earlier remedies. I expect to see cognitive & behavioural gains once this acute infection resolves.

A short interlude to eat some Salmon en Croute leftovers!

Answered several queries on the Facebook group I have set up for my potential & existing patients & Called 5 people back who had left me voice-mail messages wanting to book appointments. (bang goes my lunch hour!)

Case 4: Follow-up. 8 year old boy from Scotland with ADHD. Symptoms include: aggression, agitation, poor focus & attention, tantrums when transitioning from one task to another, vocal tics & eye blinking, bites nails of fingers and toes, chronic eczema until dairy was removed from diet. 1st prescription: Sulphur 200c + Tuberculinum-Koch 200c (remedy made from tubercular sputum!) for 4 weeks. Result: Oh lovely reaction. Both family & school report much better behaviour – he’s more focused & happy, even singing now (never did this before), more settled, playing well with other kids. Mum saw a clear correlation between the Tuberculinum remedy & this response, he was always much happier on the days after this. The Sulphur on the other hand has brought back his eczema! (any homeopaths reading this won’t be surprised). On the days he’s given Sulphur he is more aggravated and has more foul-smelling stools (rotten eggs smell).

This is exactly what I hoped would happen, in homeopathy it’s called ‘return-of-old-symptoms’ & indicates that there’s healing taking place. Looking back at his timeline he became covered in eczema from 6 months old (possibly as a result of the childhood vaccinations), this was treated with steroid cream for the next 6 years until the eczema finally went away. Basically this steroid cream didn’t ‘heal’ anything, it merely suppressed the symptoms. This is why I’m using the Sulphur to ‘go back in time’ and heal the unresolved eczema from the past. I suspect that when this process is complete, the agitation, lack of focus etc will be fixed. Prescription: Continue the Tuberculinum remedy & reduce the strength of the Sulphur to try & make the process more comfortable for him.

His mum also wanted me to help with an ongoing ‘bug’ that 4 other family members have had since returning from a holiday to Turkey. Possible food poisoning? Symptoms feel like acid reflux with a feeling of a lump in the throat. Mum also now reports it has made her intolerant to dairy. These symptoms all point to Arsenicum Album (hey, where have I heard that before?). Prescription: Arsenicum Album 200c once-a-week + a fantastic product made from grapefruit seed extract called Citricidal that is great as an anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial etc etc, recommended for all travellers to exotic countries.

Case 5: 10 year old girl. USA. Diagnosis: PANS + Bartonella + Borrelia bacteria (cause of Lyme disease), affected by mould. Age 6 she had meningitis + encephalitis, then fevers of 105 degrees followed by seizures…these only stopped after I.V steroids. She has been having a cyclic fever & fatigue every 18 days for the past two years. Lots of treatments have already been tried tried: Ibuprofen (a lot!), 10 courses of Antibiotics, anti-parasitic drugs (these lessened the fever temporarily), tonsils & adenoids were removed. None of these have resolved her symptoms or repaired her immune system. Last prescription: Arsenicum Album + Syphilinum Both remedies were well indicated by the symptoms and family history. Result: O.k…that was a tough Skype call. It is VERY hard to see what, if anything, the remedies did. The problem being – the mother has been given ALL sorts of diagnoses over the years & she’s on all sorts of supplements. Also, she’s actually currently doing very well, her supplements are holding her immune system together. It was extremely hard to find any symptoms to see if anything improved! I’ve decided to do a Mixed Mould detox as there was chronic mould exposure before the onset of the original symptoms. (her reaction to this will at least tell me if mould is still an issue). Alongside this I’m giving Causticum 200c as she suffered from Bells Palsy after the meningitis on her right side, and this is still an issue sometimes.

Case 6: New enquiry. Twin boys, 6 years old, UK. – regressed into autism after the MMR vaccines + ‘flu nasal spray. Meeting all milestones then BANG, Lost words, chronic constipation, recurring ear infections. There are SO many cases that regress after vaccines. What a bloody scandal…. the same story over & over again & the doctors don’t record it, the regulators deny it & the paid trolls attack anyone who dares to suggest a link. Hopefully this family will book in to see me soon & we can try & start undoing the damage.

Case 7: Update. Ongoing case. Girl 9 years old. Autism + Reets Syndrome. She was making great gains on homeopathy right up until she had Nitrous Oxide during a dental procedure. Since that time she has multiple screaming rage fits throughout the day – inconsolable. Her mum put her on Respirdone to try & control the ‘rage’ (I believe it is head pain that she’s reacting to, it’s not some ‘behaviour’ that needs to be controlled with psychiatric medication). We are currently on Chamomilla (which has been extremely beneficial & allowed her to almost completely taper-off the Respirdone). Last month I added the remedy Glonin (Nitro Glycerin) as it is very chemically similar to Nitrous Oxide & shares common symptoms. Continuing improvement, head pain/rages almost zero, Glonoin brought back a ‘return-of-old-symptoms’ (a good sign that we discussed earlier)- she’s started getting a bit hyper in the evening & jumping on her bed. I’m pleased with our steady progress & hope to have her completely off the Respirdone over the next 4 weeks.

Case 8: Follow-up. Male, 11years old Condition: ‘PANDAS’ (chronic strep. infection that causes neurological symptoms). Main Symptoms: Still wets the bed, Tantrums daily, easily overwhelmed & very sound sensitive (wears ear muffs), facial tics. For the 1st prescription I gave a remedy to treat the Strep & we saw a great reduction in all symptoms. 2nd prescription I detoxed his vaccines – we got a clear detox response (sweating, some fevers, headaches, stuffy nose etc). There are further improvements in tics, better eye contact, more compliant & agreeable, less tantrums. For this next prescription I’ve decided to detox the Clomid his mother took to help her conceive, alongside a remedy called Thuja. Reason: He is still wetting the bed nightly, he has chronic sinus issues (I suspect his headaches are related), and he has had cradle cap since birth (something his mother hadn’t told me previously).

Case 9: New phone enquiry. Male, 2.5 years, exhibiting all the signs of autism. UK. Shakes when excited. Self-stimulating behaviour, toe walking, spends all day screaming & shouting ‘like a demented child’, looks from the corners of the eyes, non-verbal, walks in circles, chronic constipation. Normal development until 14/15 months (talking etc), then gradually regressed after vaccines (ANOTHER ONE!). Vaccine damage was (of course) denied as a possible factor by family doctor, the speech therapist suggests that the child might be ‘brain damaged.’ Booked in to see me next week. I hope to undo the damage these vaccines have done, achieve a full recovery over the next year, and put him back onto his life-path.

Read the description above & ask yourself if THIS is what the autism-advocacy movement call ‘neuro-diversity’, or is this child simply sick?

That’s all for this evening folks.