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The continuing series where I give you an insight into the working day of a busy homeopath.

Sorry for the lack of posts, life has been busy. I’m writing this sitting awkwardly on a yoga mat, I’ve hurt my back by sitting at my computer too long & moving too little (happened last year at the same time as well!). It’s my body’s feedback mechanism saying ‘work less, move more!’

Case 1. Male, 6 years old, Belgium. Autism. Stuttering (which began when he was pushed into a swimming pool by a schoolteacher), speech delay, delayed growth (hormones check out ok), delayed coordination & motor skills. We’ve tried a couple of remedies, but BUFO (made from the secretions of a poisonous toad) has been amazing for him. When he takes the remedy, the stuttering stops. When he stops taking it, the stuttering returns. His bedwetting has also stopped, he’s growing (he’s very pleased with this!), his energy levels have markedly increased, his motor control is improving rapidly- his parents report he was trampolining hopping on one leg. I’m very pleased with progress. Prescription: More BUFO!

Case 2. 15-minute catch-up, UK. Autism. Male, 6 years. LOADS of IVF to conceive (5 rounds). He’s hyper, biting other kids & teachers, a wild animal. 1st detox was the IVF drugs + LAC CANN (dog’s milk). This aggravated his symptoms (ops). Suspected that steroids taken in the past had ‘blocked’ the IVF detox.

2nd detox: Steroids (he had loads) + LYSSIN (made from the saliva of a rabid dog!). Result: That’s better! Biting & aggression have stopped, no longer rubbing his genitals, no longer scared of water. Explosion in emotions, he’s much more connected to family, hugging and showing affection. Prescription: More LYSSIN + repeat the IVF detox (I suspect that the steroids had blocked this from working the first time) + KALI PHOS (potassium phosphate) as a tissue salt to calm down his ‘jangled’ (that’s a medical term) nervous system.

Case 3. 15-minute catch-up. Saudi Arabia, Autism. Male, 5 years. Prescription: Hepatitis A vaccine detox + GAERTNER (made from sample of gut bacteria) + CARCINOSIN (made from…errr…a sample of a cancerous breast tumour). Strong reaction to the remedies! He’s gone super hyper, shouting screaming, running around. In fact he’s returned to the behaviour he began at 2 years old when he regressed after his Hepatitis A vaccine. He’s going to the toilet at least twice a day & sleep is good. Analysis: He’s reacting very strongly to the Hep A detox indicating he really needs this. I’m very pleased & am confident that his mother will be reporting great gains over the next few weeks.

Next I took a break, a quick walk around a nearby park in the sunshine.

Case 4: New 15-minute introduction. US. Male, 25 years old, bi-polar. Normal development, no issues, then at age 23 he experienced a traumatic breakup with his girlfriend and joined the military. A short time later he had a psychotic episode (hallucinating etc). He has been on medications since then (Prozac, Respirdone, Wellbutrin). Recently diagnosed as ‘Bipolar’. Irritable, depressed and antisocial since starting these medications and now rarely leaves his bedroom. Interesting case, homeopathy can often be very useful for treating conditions caused by emotional trauma – the remedies can allow the body to process the trauma. We can see here that the conventional approach is clearly not working – they are merely suppressing symptoms, not curing anything… and the allopathic medication is actually introducing new symptoms (the irritability, depression and unsociable behaviour). I feel confident that I will be able to help this case.

Case 5: 15-minute update. US. Male, 5 years old. Autism. Previously we’ve done an IVF & a vaccine detox & he’s shown detox reactions and improvements. Nice reaction, almost potty trained now. Still no speech, but understanding & awareness have increased markedly. I’m very pleased with progress. Prescription: Metal detox (his hair mineral test indicates very high levels of toxic metals).

Case 6: New Case. UK (originally Armenian). Female, 4 years old. ASD. 4 day labour (!)…lots of interventions at birth, lots of (typical) vaccines, mum had amalgam fillings while she was breast-feeding her. Always reacted badly to antibiotics (skin rashes & diarrhoea) Looks like case of detoxing being necessary. No history of ASD in family & mum states it’s almost unknown in Armenia. Prescription: Let’s start with a vaccine detox.

Case 7: Follow-up. Malaysia. Male, 7 years old. ASD & Epilepsy. So far we’ve detoxed seizure medicines & vaccines. Parents believe seizures started after the Pneumococcal vaccine. Previously we had done a general vaccine detox & seen gains (with reduction in seizures). Last time we did a specific pneumo vacc detox, but there were no big gains. He’s slowly improving & parents have successfully removed all anti-convulsant medications over the past few months. Prescribed ACTH hormone detox + Tuberculinum (made from T.B) & recommended Hair Mineral Test to check for signs of toxic metals.

Case 8: New enquiry. US. Male, 8 years. Diagnosed with PANDAS. Had symptoms since 2 years old, severe separation anxiety that began after MMR vacc. Then tics (shoulder shrugs & tourettes) that started after ‘flu vacc + Hepatitis A vacc. Worse over winter months. They’ve booked in for a full appointment on in a few days.

Case 9: Update. US. Male, 11 years old. Autism. He has been my patient for a while, not much left to do, very few autism symptoms remain. A remedy made from extract of Pituitary Gland has improved his development. Prescription: Continue with this remedy + NATRUM MUR (sea salt).

Case 10: New patient. At the clinic. Female, 5 years old. Autism. Regression at 18 months. Big aversion to dairy + hyperactivity and disturbed sleep. Improved after stem-cell therapy in Panama. Prescribed: Vacc detox + LAC MATERNUM (mother’s milk). I suspect from her symptoms that there’s been T.B in her family in the past, I will address this at the second prescription.

Case 11: Follow-up. Male. 4 years old. Autism. Regression between 15 & 18 months. Non-verbal. Averse to dairy. Last prescription: Vacc detox + TUBERCULINUM (remedy made from T.B) as mother had T.B as a child & this is often a factor in ASD cases. Result: Lots of nice improvements – talking to himself constantly now, singing nursery rhymes… not in context yet, but MUCH more verbal. Started pointing again. Much more social with parents now, wants to interact with them constantly. Can now hold a pen & write (before he didn’t have enough strength to do this), no longer grinding his teeth, mum reports that he can now learn things. She is teaching him and he’s now able to retain the information. He’s now become aware of his own body – staring at his arm & comparing it to his mum’s for example. Prescribed: Labour medicine detox + CALC CARB (Calcium Carbonate). I’m very pleased with this progress.

Case 12: Update. Eire. Male, 7 years old. Autism. Previously had a vaccine detox with strong signs of detox, but no improvement. I suspected that the Sodium Valporate he was on two years ago may have ‘blocked’ this detox, so we moved to a Sodium Valporate detox. Now we are repeating the Vaccines. Progress! We have clear cognitive gains. He’s showing increased problem solving skills (plugging his iPad in when battery is low for example), increased curiosity, repeating words, pain threshold becoming normal (before he didn’t feel pain appropriately). Another good result & clearly we were correct about the Sodium Val. blocking the previous vaccine detox.

O.k it’s been 13 hours, I’m tired. Until next time…