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It’s dull & miserable outside my office window. A perfect time of the year for staying warm & dry, eating Satsuma oranges & seeing my homeopathic patients. I’m travelling home to Ireland next week for Christmas, so it’s a bit of a struggle to fit everyone in before I go. 10 patients today.

1st: 15-minute update. Female 3yrs, diagnosed with autism. I’ve been treating this little girl for much of this year & we continue to make progress. Her last prescription really shock her up. It was a metal detox (this is often quite a ‘rough ride’), she finished it with an ear infection and she’s lost some words that she’d gained from previous prescriptions. Today was a check-up just to make sure she’s ready for the next prescription: Anesthetic detox alongside Baryta-Carb. Later we need to return to the metal detox & give it over several months to help her body remove those toxins.

2nd: New patient. Seen in my clinic. Travelled up from London to see me. Lovely Romanian boy, 3 years old with clear signs of autism – Completely non-verbal, lack of attention & focus (won’t respond to his own name), hyperactivity, no eye-contact, doesn’t socialise with other children, no awareness of danger. He was developing normally until 13 months when he had his vaccines (MMR, DTaP, Hib./Meng. C, PCV) and then an operation in hospital. After this time he regressed over the following months into his autistic state. Before he had been meeting milestones like a neurotypical kid, had over 20 words etc. Parents suspect that either the vaccines or the operation & anesthetic are to blame for his condition. Prescription: Vaccine detox + Calc Carb 200c every Saturday. Interestingly he had been to two previous homeopaths who both recognised it as a case of vaccine damage, but didn’t want to give detox remedies!

3rd: Follow-up appointment. Male, 8 years old, never-been-well since contracting chickenpox 1 year ago. Symptoms: extreme separation anxiety, noise sensitivity, fear of the world, big rages & behavioural issues because of this state of anxiety. I gave him a remedy called Pulsatilla which matched his symptoms & is also often indicated for treating chicken pox. He’s been responding brilliantly. His anxiety levels have decreased dramatically, he can now go & play with other kids again, he’s calmer, more focused. His mother described the results as ‘beautiful’. We have been giving him Pulsatilla for a few months now in increasing potencies. Some symptoms remain, so today I’ve decided to give him a remedy made from the chicken pox virus itself as a reminder to his body ‘hey, this is a picture of the ‘bug’ that you’re fighting. I’m fairly confident that this will finally resolve this case & I can discharge him. I’m also giving a remedy called Silica, as I believe this is his constitutional remedy.

4th: New enquiry. Male, 9 years old. Autism – non-verbal & suspected PANDAS (chronic strep. Infection which causes neurological symptoms). Recent sudden onset of frequent urination, frequent crying/tantrums, massive increase in OCD. Wants a homeopath with experience of treating PANDAS & CEASE therapy. Mum is going to book a full 90 minute consult with me (next available slots are the end of January now).

5th: Follow-up appointment. Male, 3 years old. Vaccine Damage. Chronic eczema since 3 months old (after vaccines), manic/destructive/violent (‘like a caged animal’), dilated pupils, clumsy, spits water, very frequent urination, complains of neck pain. Gut issues – stools come out as ‘pellets’, chronic constipation, large quantities of undigested food in stool. First prescriptions were: Lyssin (made from the saliva of a rabid dog!) & Lac Canium (dogs milk) as these closely matched his symptom picture. Great improvement in symptoms. Mum reported that all these symptoms have resolved & now wants to focus on detoxing the vaccines. Next prescription: Vaccine detox. Update: BIG detox symptoms occurring – diarrhea, huge stools, smells ‘toxic’. Today’s update: Really tough detox, I suspect his liver needs support. I’ve added Nux Vom (every morning & evening) to his prescription to help.

6th: New enquiry. Male, 7 years old, Autism. Speech delay, no sentences. Tantrums – bites, pinches, aggressive. Tried gluten-free/casein-free diet, no change. Been to previous homeopath, no improvement. Hair test indicates high mercury load. Regression after MMR vaccine. Currently on antipsychotic medication (Abilify). Making an appointment in the new year.

7th: Two children, girl of 9 years & boy of 7. Both diagnosed with PANDAS.

Girl: defiance, fits of rage, inappropriate sexual touching of mum, ADHD, fears, needs to pee all the time. I prescribed Hyoscyamus, Streptococcus nosode & Carcinosin. Nice improvement – less sexual touching, freq. Urination has ceased, less rage. 2nd px: Pulsatilla. Result: We went backwards, no improvements. Behaviours bad – Anxiety & fears, sensory issues (i.e clothing), very very talkative. Behaviour ‘Like an animal…like we are the enemy.’ 3rd px: Androctonus (made from Scorpion)
Update in 4 weeks, if no improvement, move to vaccine detox (there’s evidence her health declined & behaviours started after DTaP + Polio vacc).

Boy: Fear (won’t leave house), ADHD, tics, talks incessantly, hyperactive, Oppositional defiance. 1st Px: Stramonium, Strep. & Carcinosin. Nice improvement. Better school work, handwriting better, no tics, got sick appropriately. 2nd Px: Medorrhinum. Result: We went backwards too! ADHD has ramped up, more hyper, extremely talkative….constantly & rages if interrupted, thoughts flooding him, fears at night increased, flushed redness to face. 3rd Px: Lachesis, same if no improvement we’ll move to vacc detox.

Not a great result yet with these two! I’m missing something.

8th: New enquiry. Male, 16 years. PANDAS symptoms & candida overgrowth. Couldn’t connect with them. They left incorrect contact details on booking form.

9th: 15-minute update for existing patient. Male, 4 years. Autism case. Has responded brilliantly to previous prescriptions (especially vaccine & metal detoxes). His ATEC score has decreased from 87 down to 33 in 18 months Update: Reassessed by his paediatrician & HE’S ‘NO LONGER CONSIDERED AUTISTIC’! Woohoo! Fabulous news! ‘Normal child in a mainstream school’. He’s staring in his school play this week & has a few lines! ATEC is now 13 (below 20 someone wouldn’t be diagnosed as having ASD). Currently working on clearing Clostridia from his system.

10th: 1-hour follow-up for existing patient. Male, 4 years, autism. Non-verbal. 1st Px was a steroid detox due to the large amount of prednisolone for breathing difficulties he had had last year. His father also ordered a Hair Mineral Test to check for toxic metals. Not a lot of metals shown. Slight improvement in focus & wanting to play with other kids. Improved understanding, happier. I’ll often start with a steroid detox before moving on to the more obvious toxins (vaccines for example). He has started being mischievous, which is great to see. Px: 8-week Vaccine detox + Lac Maternum (made from human breast milk) + Carbo Veg (charcoal). I expect a lovely reaction to this prescription.

My new assistant starts work with me tomorrow. Stage one of my expansion plans. I’m hoping she’ll take some of my load off. Within 3 years I plan to be employing 5 other homeopaths doing what I’m doing. That’s all folks. I might fit in one more instalment next week before the Christmas break. Comments welcome.