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I have three twelve hour days in-a-row this week and I am knackered! However I’ve had multiple good results from patients. No fewer than FIVE of my patients that had appointments with me this week report that their kids no longer meet the criteria for an autism diagnosis (they ranged in age from 3 to early teens).

How? Detox detox detox. Vaccines and heavy metals were the main causes of their symptoms.

I’m just writing the prescription for another boy here who has ALMOST lost the diagnosis after just two prescriptions (both vaccine detoxing). His ATEC score started at 56 (moderate ASD), after first prescription this had declined to 47. Yesterday it has declined again to 25. (Below 20 they wouldn’t meet the diagnostic criteria and wouldn’t be deemed to be ‘autistic’).

I feel elated, but also physically exhausted. I’m currently in the library (just to see other people for the first time this week!) writing prescriptions, then back to my home office for more calls. Homeopathy has an amazing potential to heal these kids, I urge everyone to try it.