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“My 8 year old daughter has PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuro-psychiatric  Disorder Associated with Streptococcus).  She was diagnosed at age 6, half way through 1st Grade. With reflection we can say she showed symptoms at age 4. She has been taking two  different antibiotics twice per day for the past one and a half years. While she has made significant improvement on the antibiotics, she is at best 70% of herself for some periods of time.  She has setbacks regularly and easily. My husband and I were at the point of decision; the next treatment protocol for her would be a series of IVIG.  It would be invasive and not guaranteed to provide a cure or provide a lasting recovery period.  We also began pondering the long term harm of daily antibiotics with no end in sight.  It was at this point, I began searching for something natural to heal her.

Enter Alan Freestone.  I felt a kind. caring, healing spirit when we first ‘met’ on Skype.  He knew about PANDAS and had a treatment plan for L.!! We went forward with the remedies he prescribed.  On the very first day of homeopathy, L showed improvement within two hours!  (my emphasis) Where we in a dream?  L’s response was deep rooted, and after the first week she needed a less potent remedy.  She didn’t fall off any progress she was making while we waited for the dose change.  In fact we continued so see numerous positive changes. Among them were: tics were gone by the end of the second week!; she had an air of calmness; she didn’t run everywhere (literally); she was able to stay focused on math work; she blurted out mean words lots less; her defiance was reduced; and she was able to self-play with purpose and without a destructive ending.  She, herself, was able to articulate a change of how she felt–that she felt PANDAS getting out of her, and that she was able to hold back some of the things it told her to do. This is a miracle to us!  In three weeks  we see the essence of our daughter peeping through the devastation of  the horror called PANDAS.  Thank you, Alan!”

Thank you P for such a lovely post,