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A few months ago a patient came to ask for my help. She had been diagnosed with atherosclerosis in her legs & her doctor stated that if she didn’t have a double amputation, then the condition would kill her within a year. The condition was ‘too far gone’ for them to attempt to put stents (a mesh ‘tube’ inserted into a natural passage/conduit in the body to prevent or counteract a disease-induced, localized flow constriction) in her leg arteries.

Obviously the poor lady wanted to keep her legs, so she turned to natural medicine for help.

Atherosclerosis is a condition in which an artery wall thickens as a result of the accumulation of fatty materials such as cholesterol.
Conventional medicine prescribes: Statins & surgery basically!

Much can be done to reverse the condition naturally though… I think it is much more sensible to try the natural approach first, & only if it fails to move on to the more ‘heroic’ medicine. The first thing to do is to start taking Crategus mother tincture. This is harmless & can actually reduce the ‘plaquey’ build-ups that result in atherosclerosis over time.

There were alot of traumas in this patient’s past, which I prescribed for before moving on to her leg symptoms. These were: numbness in the thighs, bad cramping in her calves & cramps at the bottom of the feet which took her out of bed 5 times a night. She could also only walk 30 paces when she first came before the pain made her need to sit & rest.

I prescribed the remedy Cuprum Metallicum 30c (copper) as this most closely matched her symptoms, & instructed her to take 1 pill every day.

I saw her today after 5 weeks on the remedy. She initially said she felt the same, there’d been no change. However, it turns out that she has no numbness in the thighs, no cramps in the calves or bottom of her feet anymore & can walk more than 200 paces! Also her persistent smokers cough had ceased which I didn’t prescribe for (The remedy also had that type of coughing in it’s picture).

I’m very pleased with her progress so far & hope we can avert the need for amputation. She is going back to her consultant in a few weeks for tests, so hopefully she will have good news to report next time I see her.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from atherosclerosis, please drop me a line.