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A vial of the H1N1 flu vaccine is shown during early trials at the University of Maryland in Baltimore

Today I see that The Independent have run a story today with the emotive title of: ‘The Jab That Would Save Boys Lives’.

The article starts with the unverified claim that giving boys the HPV vaccine would ‘save thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of pounds’. What?! That’s incredible…we demand jabs for all! Wait a moment though, the piece makes no mention of even the possibility of adverse reactions to the HPV jab. This suggests to me that the journalist in question (Charlie Cooper, the Independent’s ‘Health Reporter’…age 24, MA in Journalism from Goldsmiths…and no science or medicine background, which you’d guess would be a prerequisite for the position) didn’t do the most elementary research, nor attempt even a half-hearted balance to the article. Either that, or the piece was more of an ‘infomercial’ for the pharmaceutical company behind the unnamed HPV vaccine (Merck and Gardasil or Glaxosmithcline and Cervarix in case you are wondering).

Merck has already campaigned successfully (by bribing state legislators and investing in an expensive propaganda campaign) to have Garadsil mandated for teenage boys in California.

Persuading us that teenage boys need this unproven vaccine is a simple way of doubling the size of the market.

On a personal note, I have already treated one of these Californian boys for the ill-effects of this vaccine. My interest in this subject isn’t theoretical, I was vaccine damaged myself (see here), and now  I deal with many cases of vaccine damage in my practice. Mass childhood vaccine isn’t a panacea, it has risks and consequences.

We’re living in a world where companies can market a product of dubious benefit which is known to be harmful and occasionally lethal, and people who attempt to raise awareness of these practices are branded “dangerous vaccine deniers”. It’s a technique as old as propaganda itself – demonise your opponents, brand them as ‘dangerous lunatics who should be charged with manslaughter’ (yes really) for daring to question the orthodoxy, and we can marginalise their arguments.

Children and parents today face a propaganda onslaught, aided and abetted by a co-opted media, government agencies and schools.

The questions that this article pointedly doesn’t answer are pretty simple:

  • What is in this injection? (mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, ‘other’?)

  • Is it safe? Can you prove this?

  • Is it effective? Can you prove this?

Something that I’ve never addressed before is, has anybody tested the CUMULATIVE effect of vaccines on children?

Having a MMR vaccination might be a very good thing and save many lives….in isolation. But the childhood vaccination schedule in most western countries has now reached 35 vaccines! With every extra squirt of toxins into our children’s bodies, is it any wonder we’re seeing an explosion in autism, and ‘unexplained’ autoimmune and neurological conditions in childhood? I believe that mass childhood vaccination will come to be seen as one of our civilisations greatest follies.

We have now gone beyond the unspoken trade-off implicit in childhood mass vaccination programs – ‘To make an omelette you have to break a few eggs’, alternatively ‘the ends justify the means’. Government agencies know that there will be some adverse reactions to vaccines in a small percentage of cases, the fact that governments have Vaccine Damage Compensation Schemes in place is tacit admission of this. However the HPV vaccine has no proven benefit. To put it more bluntly, pharmaceutical companies are knowingly injecting children with toxic substances for profit with the support of the government agencies supposedly put there to safeguard public health. That should make you mad.

If you are considering having the HPV vaccine, or you know of someone who has been affected by it, I recommend contacting Sanevax. This wonderful charity, which is run by volunteers, offers advice and support and is a fantastic research for those seeking more information.

My colleague, Anna Rayner, and I have had success treating cases of vaccine damage. If you’d like to discuss our treatments, please drop me a line and we can have a free chat over Skype: