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Last night I got an update on a very interesting case I’d like to share with you all.

A young Asian man, nearly twenty years old living in London. He was always physically small & behind his peers in any sports. He was also quirky, finding social interaction difficult and had trouble maintaining friendships. Eventually he was diagnosed with some form of Aspergers Syndrome at around 12 years old. At this stage, thanks to his mum’s help after school he was doing very well academically. However, everything was to change on starting High School.

High School is tough for many of us…but for this undersized, socially awkward kid, it was truly awful.

To shorten the story: His (good) grades fell & he became more withdrawn (he was never much of a conversationalist, but now he became monosyllabic). Eventually it was GCSE exam time (like graduating High School) & he flunked every subject. By this stage he had no friends and no out-of-school activities. Eventually his mother discovered that he had been the victim of sustained bullying throughout his High School years that just crushed his fragile self-esteem & feelings of self worth. Somehow he was persuaded to go on to college to attend some demeaning ‘skills for life’ type courses (translation: you are really really stupid, so we’ll give you a pretend course to do so you feel some achievement), THIS for a once promising student who’d aced maths tests 5 or 6 years before. What an indictment & failure of a whole system, a vulnerable young man brutalised by society and the industrial schooling system he’s forced to participate in, utterly failed by his teachers during five long miserable years of torment.

So, our young hero begins the (always anxiety-inducing) bus journey to his new college to learn ‘life skills’. Unfortunately some of his erstwhile tormentors had started at the same college, and the bullying began again. This time he closed down completely. Stopped college, stopped taking the bus, stopped talking and finally stopped even leaving his room.

The doctors had been less than useful, prescribing a series of anti-anxiety & beta-blocker drugs that didn’t help. By now he has retreated to his room. For 4 months he hasn’t left it, even bathroom visits had stopped and he had regressed to soiling his bed or sometimes using a bucket in the corner. He goes days without changing clothes or washing. All his time is spent watching the same You Tube clips on his tablet in the only place he feels safe. He’s now completely mute and has stopped communicating entirely with his family. Here’s where I joined the story. His mum has heard about my work with autistic kids and wondered if I could help?

Analysis: This person has been traumatised by years of sustained abuse and has eventually retreated and retreated and retreated to the only safe space he knows. For some reason, this self-evident statement seemed to have escaped the highly trained medics, teachers and social workers before me.

1st prescriptionBaryta Carb LM1 (this allows me to give him a daily dose of the medicine whilst keeping the dosage slowly increasing each time)

Result: Within 2 days he’d left his room and is out in the garden on the trampoline! He has been going a bit hyper, talking non-stop and is displaying some inappropriate sexual behaviour (which I actually regard as a good thing, 19 year old boys are SUPPOSED to have these urges, he just needs to learn to moderate them now). The parents were worried at the intensity of the result (I was delighted), so for now we’ve reduced the daily dosage.

Update: Over a year has passed. He is out of his room of course, talking normally, has friends, taking the bus by himself, and is doing well a residential college in another city catching up on maths and computer science. A completely transformed young man, with a very different life path ahead of him now.

I dread to think what the outcome would have been for this family if they hadn’t found homeopathy.