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Many of us start each new year with good intentions. One of the most common is the decision not to drink any alcohol through January. It’s something I began doing myself a few years ago & I always feel the benefit from it. Interestingly Traditional Chinese Medicine considers that the liver needs extra care & nurturing at this time of year.

Earlier this week there were several newspaper articles in the UK suggesting that abstaining from alcohol for a month didn’t help to repair the liver at all. I disagree totally…& even if the liver didn’t get a chance to repair, at least it wouldn’t have to deal with further poisoning for 31 days! I suspect the papers are just spreading doom-and-gloom as normal!

So, for all those abstaining this January…good luck! If you would like to help your liver a little bit more, you could also consider reducing your intake of fatty & processed food. To really help your poor liver out, how about investing in some Milk Thistle herbal tincture? This is available from all good natural health shops and is a wonderful tonic for the liver.

To use homeopathic remedies to detox, take Sulphur 30 every morning & Nux Vom 30 every evening for 2 weeks.

Note: If your liver is particularly congested, these remedies may cause a ‘clear out’. If this happens, just stop for a while or reduce the dose to once every two days.

Here’s my challenge to you: Abstain from alcohol, take Milk Thistle … then at the end of the month email me & tell me how fantastic you feel!

If you would like a more personalised detox program, please drop me a line.