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Pain is one of those things that allopathy struggles with.

Happily it is one of the many things that can respond very effectively to homeopathy.

Rather than suppress the bodies sensation of pain, the correctly chosen homeopathic remedy will help the person process & express their pain symptoms emotionally & so remove the bodies need to express it physically. Now I don’t expect materialists & scientific fundamentalists to accept this explanation…but all I can say is, observe homeopathy working with an open-mind & you will see this in practice!

Often there is also a problem with allopathic pain relief. The pain is so severe that it won’t respond to allopathic drugs. The pain receptors block the drugs. Pain killers also tend to cause constipation & dull the mind, and of course the patient becomes toxic with prolonged use or high dosage.

Many homeopathic remedies are utilised to deal with pain, though as always you need to select the remedy that is most similar to the patient’s symptoms.

I would like to see homeopathy used much more frequently in end-stage illnesses…where the patient is doped-up on morphine & is still experiencing break-through pain. Wouldn’t it would be much better if the patient was fairly pain-free & alert during their final time with their friends & family, rather than a drugged-up zombie?