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Streptococcal Bacteria

In this post I explain my approach to treating PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune neuropsychiatric disease associated with streptococcal infection).

I have a two stage process.

Stage 1 involves getting the PANDAS symptoms under control using remedies. This is the stage I am concentrating on in my PANDAS Homeopathic Protocol Trial (read about it here). This stage can take several months and several remedies. At the end of this time, the symptoms will be under control without the need for antibiotics.

Stage 2 involves addressing the CAUSES of the PANDAS. Many (not all) of the PANDAS cases I have treated are also on the autistic spectrum. I’m going to put my neck on the line and say that I see common themes running through almost all of the PANDAS cases that I have treated: (please note each case doesn’t have ALL of these factors, but will often have several of them)

1. There’s often a lot of stress or trauma in the mother’s life during pregnancy.

2. The mother has taken medications during pregnancy: anti-nausea, antibiotics of ‘flu vaccinations being most common.

3. A history of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) in the immediate family.

4. A difficult birth: This might be an emergency caesarian, or the labour being induced by medication.

5. Medicated early days: The child is often in intensive care and given antibiotics or vaccinations.

6. Problems with feeding: vomiting of the mother’s breast milk, or chronic colic.

7. Reactions to the routine childhood vaccinations: These range from fevers and ‘flus to convulsions. Many children’s PANDAS symptoms begin just after vaccinations.

8. Bowel or stomach problems. Ranging from bloating, food intolerences to chronic constipation.

9. MTHFR gene mutations indicating a lowered ability to effectively remove toxins from the body.

The themes of this list are: TOXICITY and unbalance in the gut bacteria. More than half of our immune-system resides in the GIT (Gastro-intestinal tract), that tube that runs from mouth to anus. Any problems here will REALLY affect our immunity. A chronic Streptoccocal infection of the tonsils (which is all PANDAS is after all) is an indication of unbalance in the rest of the GIT.

Once we can controlled the PANDAS symptoms (stage 1), we move on to systematically removing the toxins in the child’s body. This will remove their susceptibility to getting PANDAS and will result in an overall increase in their health.

How NOT To Treat PANDAS:

Now we have established the WHY of PANDAS, hopefully you can see why the conventional treatments for PANDAS don’t work effectively.

Removing chronically inflamed tonsils as a ‘cure’ is like a mechanic removing the flashing red warning light on your dashboard and claiming to have fixed your car! The inflamed tonsils show the immune system is struggling to fight ‘something’.

Giving antibiotics seems to be the most common treatment. However this often doesn’t help as it doesn’t address the cause of the recurring Strep infections…it’s also very simplistic: ‘oh there’s bacteria, give an anti-bacterial’!

IVIG treatment. This stands for Intravenous immunoglobulin and involves giving antibodies from thousands of blood donors to the child by IV drip. It is commonly used to treat auto-immune diseases and it is usually effective at helping the symptoms

Anti-OCD medication just addressing an EFFECT and often doesn’t work (and it’s harmful)

What To Do Next:

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