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Originally posted in 2016 on Steemit.

I’m a homeopath and I treat a lot of autistic kids, 700 over the past three years (current number is 1100 as of Jan 2019) . On the first appointment with a family I’ll build a timeline of the child’s life, starting before it’s conception and continue right up to the present day. I’m looking for ‘red flags’, events that may have caused some of the child’s symptoms. At the end of this process I often have a little list of the potential toxins that I feel may have contributed to the case. So, have I noticed patterns in the case histories of these 700 kids? Yes I have!

Before continuing, I know that ‘autism’ can be a contentious issue with some people. There seem to be two tribes in the autism community, the ‘biomed’ crowd & the ‘neuro-diversity’ crowd…and they don’t get on. The Neuro crowd believe that we should accept and embrace people’s autism, the Biomed people believe that their child is sick and they’ll do anything to heal them. As you may have guessed, I’m firmly on the biomed side! I’m not talking here about the quirky kid at school into computers who doesn’t socialise much and has a touch of dyslexia… I’m talking about kids in pain, daily pain… that wake crying, that can’t talk or communicate in any way, that are so sensitive to noise that they have to stay home, that have weak muscle tone, poor energy levels and lowered immunity. So… if you are firmly in the Neuro camp, this post probably isn’t for you.

So what patterns do I see? Vaccines, vaccines, vaccines. I sit at my desk and hear variations of the same story over & over & over again…

“We took him for his 14 month shots and after that we lost him.”

It varies from case to case, from INSTANT regression – shots in the morning, emergency room that evening with brain inflammation and then there were no more words, no eye contact, self-stimulating behaviour, retreat into his own world. Or the gradual kind, where development just slows & then stops over the next few months until some kindergarten teacher suggests that the kid has autism, and it’s only when the parents look at old videos do they see that somewhere in the past year they lost their child.

There’s a surprising number of the immediate regression kind and I ALWAYS ask, “So, you took him back to the paediatrician, what did they say?” And in every case the answer is the same, “Oh, they said there’s no evidence that vaccines cause autism.”

So I’m sitting there hearing this over & over & I’m thinking, those paediatricians must get parents every day saying they saw their child regress after vaccines…and every day they must repeat their mantra, “There’s no evidence that vaccines cause autism.” How do they cope with this cognitive dissonance? Isn’t there a little part of them witnessing the explosion in autism & other developmental conditions and thinking, ‘there’s something funny going on here.’

Ahh you say, but it might just be a coincidence. I hear doctors wisely pronouncing that this is a case of ‘regressive autism’, as if that’s an actual disease like Tuberculosis, rather than just a statement of the bleeding obvious. How do I know that it is vaccine damage and not something else, some other environmental trigger, or something genetic that clicks on at a certain age? Read on….

I’m aware that I am managing to include two topics that are both generally maligned in western society – that vaccines can cause autism, and Homeopathy. I don’t make it easy for myself! However those of you who have started to suspect that all-may-not-be-what-it-seems, and you’re on Steemit so there’s a good chance that’s a lot of you, maybe you could ask yourself…perhaps it’s no coincidence that these two topics are deemed unaussprechlich (unmentionable).

Without boring you with the history of homeopathy, I’ll just say that there is a method called Tautopathy where you give a homeopathic dilution of a substance as a way of helping someone detox that substance. You’re lead toxic? Then you can take a homeopathic remedy made from lead & this will stimulate your body to excrete the metal. So this is exactly what I do with these sick kids. If I’m right & a particular vaccine has caused some of the autism symptoms in a child, then what do you suppose happens when they take the tautopathic remedy made from that vaccine? Yup… they show signs of detox. If a worried mother calls me a week into a detox and tells me her son has a high fever, then I’ll be grinning from ear to ear… he’s reacting to the remedy…his body is detoxing & we’re going to start seeing improvements very soon. And these improvements will stay.

Now you have an idea of my ‘bread & butter’ – day in day out I try to detox these kids and return then to the state of health that they were supposed to have, even if I don’t manage to help them all.

I had a really interesting case last week where a little girl has been in pain her whole life, chronic headaches that made her existence a daily struggle. During the case taking I found out that her mother had OVER 45 ultrasound scans during the pregnancy, and that she’d suffered from low amniotic fluid during the latter part. Many ultrasounds + low amniotic fluid, and the little girl had chronic headaches, sound sensitivity and speech delay, all things that I’ve seen associated with over-use of ultrasound. So, we detoxed ultrasound (it’s probably best not to try & get your head around what’s actually IN the little homeopathic sugar pill labelled ‘Ultrasound 200c’!). Result: She went through very bad headaches… even worse than she’d been coping with before…but now….the headaches she’s had her whole life are beginning to reduce! She’s beginning to articulate herself more, for the first time she can explain to her mother what the headaches felt like, the sound sensitivity is disappearing. In the place of a grumpy, miserable child her mum is finding her smiling when she comes into her bedroom in the morning!

Please note that I’m not claiming that all cases of autism are caused by vaccines, nor that vaccination might not confer some benefits.