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Recently The Independent newspaper reported on a long-term & large-scale study confirming that there has been a drastic decline in male reproductive health over the past 20 years.

Here’s the link to the article:

What is going on? The article quotes Professor Richard Sharpe, professor of reproductive health at the University of Edinburgh and an international expert on toxins in the environment,

“We still do not know which are the most important factors but the most likely are … a high-fat diet and environmental chemical exposures.”

At least these ideas are beginning to be recognised by the mainstream…male health is steadily declining & lifestyle & toxins are largely to blame. Testicular cancer has also doubled over the past 30 years….something is going on & we men need to start taking action to halt our health decline!

So, why are men becoming infertile?

As I will explain in later posts, many of our health problems are because we are living in an increasingly toxic environment. I don’t buy the argument that our fertility is decreasing by nearly 2% every year because we are wearing tighter underpants (!)… something is going on here. There are many hundreds of thousands of substances surrounding us which have never existed in nature:

  • food additives
  • preservatives
  • plastics,
  • pharmaceuticals

(An unintended consequence of patent law is that companies need to create substances which don’t exist in nature in order for them to be unique, & hence patentable.)

Our bodies are often unable to break-down or excrete these toxins effectively as they don’t recognise molecules that were only created a few years before in the lab.

We also now live in an environment permeated with heavy metals. One way our bodies cope with these is to store them in fat cells. This is one very important reason why we are getting fatter each year: the body is putting down these fat deposits to protect itself. This explains why people often find it very difficult to lose weight, despite restricting their calorie intake. People going through fasting often feel ill/sick as their fat cells are broken down & these stored toxins are released back into the blood stream.

We all have differing abilities for coping with various toxins, & these will decrease with age. However, whatever our age or ability, we all need to:

  1. Establish our toxic load
  2. Reduce this load

This is one of the greatest health challenges of our time. ‘Just’ reducing your toxic load is sufficient in many cases to reverse a case of male infertility…& you will feel better too!