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PANDAS trial

First of all, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that took part in the PANDAS trial, and those that shared their results with me.

  • 75% of responders reported an improvement in their child’s symptoms, in some cases the PANDAS symptoms completely resolved after the first prescription!
  • Around 50% of the kids fell somewhere on the Autistic Spectrum. It is clear to me that this susceptibility to recurring Streptococcal infections is on the same continuum as ASDs (Autistc Spectrum Disorder)… there is a dysbiosis – an imbalance of microbes inside these kid’s bodies.
  • 100% of the responders would recommend my treatment to others, and many have decided to continue as my patients after the trial.

What worked:

The kids often responded very quickly to the indicated remedy. Unlike other conditions, PANDAS showed rapid improvement, sometimes after a single pill. In comparison, ASD can take several months before any improvement is noticed. Saying that, the susceptibility to PANDAS is something that needs longer term treatment

Best thing that ever happened to my child and family” was one comment I received, which is just fantastic!

What didn’t work:

I had hoped to report that simply giving the Streptococcal nosode (Streptococcal pyogenes) – a homeopathic remedy made from the streptococcal bacteria, that we would be able to moderate the PANDAS symptoms in the same way that antibiotics such as Augmentin sometimes can. This did work in some instances, however what often happened was that this remedy aggravated the symptoms. So unfortunately I can’t recommend parents self-prescribing this remedy as a replacement for the antibiotics.

Overall, a positive but difficult experience” was how another parent described the trial. Sometimes the treatment can be tough on both the child & the parents with temporary aggravations of the symptoms occurring. It can take several months and changes in prescription to put the child back on the road to health. After all, it took time for them to get sick, so it takes time for them to heal.


PANDAS can respond very well to homeopathic treatment. However, please be prepared for several months of treatment before substantial and long-lasting improvements take place.

I would once again like to thank everyone who took part in the trial.

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