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Scientists have brilliantly re-invented Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes… only a century or so after Dr Bach (yes, the same guy that invented Rescue Remedy and the Bach Flower Remedies) demonstrated that our bowel flora is closely connected with illness.

Dr Bach initially started treating people using material doses of bowel flora, just like Aroniadis et al (the authors of the study below). However he ultimately discovered that homeopathic remedies made from these materials were much more effective. He, and his successor Dr Paterson, have left us with the legacy of ten or so remedies collectively known as The Bowel Nosodes. They are a neglected group of remedies, even though Dr Paterson’s team at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital used them to treat over 20,000 people with great success. This work was all meticulously recorded, though I fear it may be mouldering in some damp NHS basement nowadays, unexamined and mostly forgotten.

In my opinion these remedies are very important in the effective treatment of today’s autism epidemic, and I feel that we homeopaths owe a great debt to our forebears…so thank you for these gifts Doctors Bach and Paterson. It is my intention to reintroduce these wonderful remedies to more widespread use.

I find the bowel nosodes invaluable in rebalancing a child’s gut flora, normalising bowel function, assisting the body detoxing heavy metals in a gentle way, and fantastic in dealing with psychological symptoms such as anxiety or rage.