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Thymus Gland

When I began writing this post I thought I was sharing information which came from some pretty ‘far-out’ places about the link between vaccines, thymus gland damage and autism, but a short amount of research reveals that there are some conventional studies supporting my opinions.

What’s the Thymus Gland for?

For years it was believed that it was merely a ‘vestigial organ’, important during childhood but then atrophying as we become adults. It is true that is plays an extremely important role in childhood immunity, but it also continues to play a role throughout our life.

This organ is where the ‘T-cells’ are made. As William Shaw pHD states, “The functions of the T-cells are to kill foreign tissue or tissues infected with virus, to produce lymphokines, which are large proteins that regulate other cells of the immune system and to help to enhance the immune response.”

Research suggests that 38-45% of autistic children with autism have T-cell abnormalities. In other words, their thymus glands aren’t working properly.

So… a malfunctioning thymus gland = immune deficiency and often an overgrowth of candida and other opportunistic pathogens. The problem with just suppressing these pathogens with anti-fungals, anti-virals, anti-biotics etc is that this doesn’t fix the underlying problem. The pathogens are just a sign that there is an imbalance in the body.

The thymus glands in autistic kids are often damaged or not functioning correctly. Unfortunately this isn’t recognised by many front-line physicians, whether from the the conventional or biomedical camp.

I believe that the main reason for this is:


Other causes can be prolonged use of medications, or prolonged stress or emotional trauma.

Unfortunately once a thymus gland has been compromised, this tends to lead to more and more drugging from the doctor. The vaccines damage the thymus, then the child start ‘coming down’ with frequent infections (chronic ear infections are very common) which are treated by course-after-course of antibiotics, this damages the gut flora and allows candida to proliferate throughout the system. Now we can have problems of mal-absorption, IBS, allergies, joint problems and neurological complaints… each of which is usually treated as a separate illness (requiring a separate medication)!

Due to ongoing misinformation surrounding autism, many treat it as “a disorder of neural development” (that’s an actual quote from the very unbalanced wikipedia entry on the subject). This obvious nonsense doesn’t reflect how the kids, their parents, (or I) experience autism.

As is well known, there is very often both a problem with the immune system, and serious gastrointestinal issues (‘leaky-gut’, abdominal discomfort and swelling, chronic constipation, undigested food in the stool, even viruses lurking in the gut tissues.)  In my experience repairing a thymus gland will not only improve immune function, it also often leads to a reversal of developmental delays.

How can we repair the Thymus and get these children’s immune systems ‘fired back up’?

This is a systematic process and depends on each individual case.

But generally I aim to:

  • Remove any residual toxins left over from the vaccines.

  • Remove traces of any other courses of allopathic medication (such as antibiotics or psychotropic drugs).

  • Support the body’s organs of elimination – make sure the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract are functioning well.

  • Control any secondary problems such as systemic candida or parasites.

  • Repair the Thymus Gland itself so that the immune system can return to normal function.

Hopefully you can see that a poorly functioning thymus gland could be implicated in many other ailments, not just autism. My treatment approach would remain the same.

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I welcome any comments you’d like to make about the article, and to hear your experiences in this field.