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“Signs of autism have been found in fish swimming in water contaminated with psychoactive medications.

Scientists identified patterns of gene activity in the fathead minnows that mimicked those seen in susceptible humans with the developmental disorder.

The findings suggest a potential environmental trigger for autism in genetically vulnerable people, the study authors said.”

No sh*t.

It also adds to the evidence that the ‘truth’ promulgated by autism ‘researchers’ that autism is a purely genetic illness is simply a ‘myth’. Yes, it’s obvious that there is a genetic susceptibility behind many illnesses. This has been recognised by homeopaths for two hundred years. However the genes don’t ’cause’ the illness, they just alter your susceptibility to it. So, if someone is genetically susceptible…& then they are exposed to certain factors in their environment (emotional trauma, pharmaceuticals & other toxins, pollution, VACCINATIONS) then they become much more likely to end up on the autistic spectrum. And if this is so, detoxing these various ‘toxins’ (be they unprocessed emotional trauma, heavy metals, vaccinations), should logically lead to a person recovering from their autism. And this is exactly what we find (for lots of examples of autism cures through detoxing of vaccinations using homeopathy, have a look at this website:

Homeopaths & other natural healers (and even some members of the medical profession like Dr Andrew Wakefield) have been pointing out the potential dangers of chemical medications & their ability to cause long-term health problems for many years… in fact a homeopath, called Dr Compton Burnett (a hero of mine), coined the term ‘vaccinosis’ for diseases created by vaccination in the mid-19th century! This stuff ain’t new.

Pharmaceutical drugs & the industry that promotes & sells them (I include ‘independent’ research scientists, big-pharma & their salesmen, peer-reviewed scientific journals, government agencies purportedly created to protect the public against the self-serving actions of drug companies, the corporate media, corporate lobbyists, ‘skeptics’, complicit doctors & many others in this ‘industry’) are killing people & the environment with callous abandon in the single-minded persuit of money. A cynic might add that if a drug ‘accidentally’ causes further illness, then that merely provides further profit potential for big-pharma.

People are finally starting to wake up to the dangers of chemical medicine.