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A letter to the BMJ

The link above is of a letter printed in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) today. The author, Bill Welsh, highlights the continuing rise in the rates of autism & the inability of the medical profession to investigate possible environmental factors (such as that elephant in the room, the enormous increase in childhood vaccinations).

“I believe the current incestuous relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the, once respected, medical profession has resulted in a worldwide public health catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.”

“The continuing rise in autism diagnosis worldwide is inconsistent with the whole foundation on which academics and so-called ‘autism experts’ function. They regard autism as a genetic condition, a belief based primarily on one weak, underpowered twins study from 1977 (4). That study was superseded by a much larger ‘twins’ study last year (5) which concluded that only 35% of autism has a genetic basis.”

In short 65% of the children who receive a diagnosis of autism today have been damaged by an environmental factor or factors. The children are ill. There is a disease process at work. That the children are exhibiting ‘autistic symptoms’ is not in doubt, but if autism is a genetic illness then for most children this is not autism.”

That homeopaths can reverse the symptoms of autism so effectively by giving children potentised versions of the vaccines they received previously suggests to me a very clear (and testable) cause & effect.