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I was going to call this post something unwieldy like “how to save billions of dollars/pounds & hundreds of thousands of lives every year using one common herbal remedy”… but it wouldn’t fit!

There is a plant that grows in every mature hedgerow here in the UK (and elsewhere around the world), we walk past it every day & probably think little of it…perhaps we know it was traditionally used in hedegrows to deter livestock wandering because it is thick growing & has thorns on it’s trunk & branches. It’s wood is used to make walking sticks, it’s fruit is commonly used in China & Mexico & Iran to make jellies, jams & juices, the young leaves can be used in salads, and finally, in the UK during the second world war it’s flowers were made into a tea. An amazingly versatile plant. I’m quite sure I’ve left out several other uses too.

However, what interests me most about this plant is it’s abilities as a heart tonic. It strengthens the heart, it lowers blood pressure (if you are on medication to lower your blood pressure while taking the herb, you need to monitor your levels closely in case they drop too low. Ideally you should be under the care of a homeopath so you can safely wean yourself off your chemical drugs while taking it), and amazingly it acts like a scrubbing brush on our arteries, cleaning the walls of the fat, cholesterol & other substances which build up & are collectively known as ‘atherosclerosis’
(an apparently irreversible condition according to conventional medicine)
Interestingly these berries were famed in Celtic folklore for healing a broken heart!

I’m taking about Crataegus, commonly called Hawthorn or Thornapple.
If 10 drops of crataegus mother tincture (the juice of the berries preserved in a little alcohol) were taken twice-a-day by all those over 60 years-old, instead of the statin drugs doctors & the mainstream media are currently promoting heavily (just some of the side-effects discovered so far include: depression, diabetes, liver damage, kidney failure, extreme muscle fatigue), I suspect we would see a marked decrease in heart disease & associated deaths…. oh & we would save a few thousand lives & a few billion pounds every year.

Unsurprisingly big-pharma have managed to increasingly restrict our access to this wonder-herb in the past few years in the UK, especially through the EU Herbal directive which came into force in 2011. There more I learn about their practices, the more inclined I am to suspect that they aren’t just in philosophical disagreement with natural healers, they are actually evil.

It’s not that there isn’t enough money to provide effective, affordable healthcare for everyone, it’s that we are so far along the disastrous road of techno-medicine that the costs spiral ever-upward, the promises look ever more hollow & the people just keep getting sicker.

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