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When I began treating people with autism with homeopathy little did I realise the attacks that I was letting myself in for. The strange thing was, these attacks where coming from parents of children with autism! What was going on?


There followed episodes of me being vilified, accused of being a ‘money-grabbing quack’ (that was one of the more polite labels!), banned from various Facebook groups. I was baffled, these children are obviously sick, medically sick. I was trying (in vain) to argue this point with an administrator for an Autism Speaks group on Facebook and he swore blind that he’d never met or heard of ANY autistic children with gastrointestinal issues. Recent mainstream research puts the instances of gastrointestinal issues in people with autism at greater than 90%!


Slowly as the months progressed I began to realise that there were two distinct autism communities. One of them believed (or professed to believe) the mainstream dogma:


  • There is no increase in autism, only an increase in diagnosis.
  • Autism is genetic in origin and as such is a ‘lifelong neurological condition’ which cannot be treated, in much the same way that you can’t change the colour of your eyes.
  • There is absolutely no link between vaccines or other environmental toxins and autism.
  • The autism communities role should only be to: raise ‘awareness’ of autism, celebrate neurodiversity and support each other with their child’s challenging behaviour.
  • Autism treatments don’t work & in fact are extremely insulting. They aren’t ‘scientific’.


This is the view conveniently endorsed by governments, regulators, and the giant pharmaceutical corporations. Step outside the narrow parameters of this reality-defying belief-structure and you find yourself ‘beyond-the-pale’, a sinner cast out into the wilderness.


Witness how these government regulators, big-pharma and co-opted charities & non-profits chose to allocate the hundreds of millions of dollars they get to research autism. It’s all about the ‘genetic cause’ theory (despite the thousands of parents who report a regression into autism after vaccines)


Organisations like Autism Speaks benefit greatly from adhering to this orthodoxy. They have a multi-million dollar turnover, their elite get to sit on important committees and mingle at the highest levels, and they help allocate the huge amounts of grant money that I mentioned above. A cynic may say that it’s in the interests of non-profits like this to perpetuate the ‘genetic cause’ myth, the wagon will keep rolling and they’ll keep getting a comfortable paycheck and pension.




The other community (of which I am in strong agreement) believes:


  • The rates of autism are skyrocketing. Even the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), which has been found manipulating data to make it appear that there is no link between vaccines and autism, is now saying that our rate of autism is 1-in-68. The rate of increase has been so dramatic in recent years that you’d think there would be some concern about it! (in a totally unconnected story, the head of the CDC during this institutional lying about the connection between autism and vaccines….. is now head of Merck’s multi-billion dollar Vaccine Division).


  • That very often their children showed a strong reaction to one or more of their vaccines.


  • That these children can be ‘recovered’: often with a combination of behavioural therapy, and dietary, biomedical and homeopathic interventions.



I’m just off a Skype call with (another) lady who believes her daughter regressed dramatically after the MMR vaccine – Lost speech, lost eye-contact, chronic constipation, ‘became a zombie’. She took her concerns to her paediatrician & was dismissed. She took matters in to her own hands and started a gluten-free/casein-free diet and considerably improved the symptoms; eye-contact has returned.


There has been NO research comparing the health-outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. This research would be ‘unethical’ according to the saintly CDC, despite there already being populations that chose not to vaccinate that they could use for the study.


There has been NO research in to the possible interactions of the dozens of vaccines that now make up the childhood vaccination program. This seems bizarre in the extreme. They are conducting a giant experiment (that appears to be going badly wrong)


Can paediatricians REALLY not see the number of parents coming through their doors stating that they observed a regression after vaccines and think “Hmm, maybe there’s something in this?”. Can they REALLY dismiss interventions like gluten-free diets when they must observe the improvements in many children’s health and symptoms? Can they REALLY not observe the correlation between the DTaP vaccine and the chronic ear-infections which often begin shortly afterwards?

Since beginning this post I have been contacted by another mother whose daughter became ill after a tetanus and typhoid fever vaccine. She was admitted to accident & emergency the same day as the vax feeling weak, dizzy, her limbs were going numb, pain. The first time the A&E docs said it was ‘puberty’, then it was diagnosed as ‘a cyst’, then ‘acid in the stomach’. She has made 10 trips to A&E over the past year. The symptoms progressed to ones similar to tetanus – lock jaw, difficulty swallowing (couldn’t eat solid food as she would choke). Her family doctor and all the consultants she’s been to over the past year have flat-out denied that there could be any connection between her symptoms and the vaccines (so, no yellow-card raised in the UK…VAERS in the US). This is not healthcare, it’s a cover-up! As there’s no data being recorded, the docs can still say with a straight face that “there’s no evidence that this vaccine causes adverse effects”.



Anti-Vaxers & Pro-Vaxers


There is a fairly crude school-debating-society tactic that is constantly used to undermine arguments that go against the prevailing orthodoxy. We see it employed a lot by the mainstream media in it’s efforts to maintain the status-quo:


  • In the McCarthy era in the US you could accuse someone of being a ‘commie’ and from that point onward dismiss any opinions or beliefs that they might hold.


  • The US government can accuse Julian Assange of rape in Sweden, the mainstream media take the hint & focus on that, and so we don’t need to engage with what he’s saying.


  • The US right-wing/mainstream media scream that Edward Snowdon is a ‘traitor’ so we don’t need to look at the all pervasive state-surveillance that he exposed.


  • Claim anyone raising the ‘are vaccines safe?’ question is an ‘anti-vaxxer’, and therefore a lunatic that wants to kill babies.


  • “Parents aren’t healthcare professionals, so although they ‘THINK’ they know what caused their children’s autism, they don’t and should really leave this to the professionals.”



The number of stories I have heard of parents who have been patronised by their healthcare professionals is astounding. When the parents realise they have to do this thing themselves and they start researching, they discover the ‘professional opinions’ aren’t based on hard data, but on mere orthodox dogma.



  • Dr Benvineste and the ‘Memory of Water’. This was a well-respected scientist who by all accounts was on the way to earning a nobel prize. He ran a research institute and one of his researchers accidentally discovered that ultra-dilutions (i.e homeopathic dilutions) of a chemical could have a measurable effect on a biological system. He told her she was wrong and to repeat the experiment. They got the same result over and over and over. Eventually, against his better judgement, he published his findings and had his career destroyed. He ended his working life in a portacabin in the carpark of the institute he used to run. More than half-a-dozen labs around the world have since replicated his study. Lesson: Don’t step out of line, especially against materialist science.


  • The witch-hunt against Jenny McCarthy. There were over two dozen articles in mainstream media outlets attacking Jenny after she appeared on a TV show to talk about how she believed her son was harmed by vaccines. ‘Homicidal maniac’ is what one writer described her as. Other descriptions were: “buxom physique, blonde bombshell, sex symbol, object of teenage boys fantasies, bleached blonde hair, the pretty idiot, Playboy Playmate of the Year. Once again we see the debating-society tactic of attacking the person to undermine their opinion.


  • Dr Andrew Wakefield. So much has been written about this man already that you can find elsewhere. There are some great YouTube clips of him talking about the recent measles outbreaks. I believe that he has been so successfully vilified that G.Ps  in the UK (The lesson the system sends to whistleblowers over & over again…despite claims to the contrary is, ‘step out of line and we will destroy you’) willfully ignore the same pattern they must be seeing over and over: regression into autism shortly after MMR. It’s a story that I hear every day, not from every patient, but a large number of them. I always ask if they brought their concerns to their G.P or paediatrician, and what the doctors response was. The answer is always the same, “We raised concerns, our doctor dismissed us saying there was no evidence.” As I hope to show here, the doctors aren’t seeing any pattern because they aren’t recording any data. It’s a logical fallacy, there is insufficient investigation and therefore insufficient information to prove the proposition satisfactorily to be either true or false.


From the Dr Wakefield example above you can see that it would be career-suicide for any doctor to start questioning the policy of mass-vaccination that has prevailed over the past few decades. Even for a doctor becoming known among parents as someone who would state that ‘vaccine damage’ could be a possible cause of their child’s illness would be dangerous. I’m sure that doctors know this and so stay wilfully uncurious at the explosion in autism and childhood autoimmune diseases that are flooding their practices.


For the record I am not an anti- or a pro-vaxxer. In some cases, vaccines have saved lives. My position is that: vaccines can be harmful. Like most things in life there is a balance between risk and reward, and parents should have the data available to them to make an informed choice. For example, what sane human being (that doesn’t stand to benefit financially) deems it necessary to give a one- day old baby a vaccination for an illness that only affects promiscuous homosexual males and drug-users who share dirty needles?! (and which contains various toxic substances including aluminium and formaldehyde). Surprisingly (or not, now that we know that there is a deliberate lack of research around vaccine efficacy and safety) there has been very little research on how long the Hepatitis B vaccine confers immunity, one small-scale study estimated a (generous) 15-years before a ‘precipitous decline’ in antibodies. So these children MIGHT be protected against an illness that only promiscuous male homosexuals and drug-users are at risk of, and this ‘protection’ runs out around their 15th birthday!

This is not the rational actions of an agency with your child’s best interests at heart. However I would argue that these are the rational decisions of a machine that puts profit above all else.


“Correlation does not imply causation”


Boy I’ve heard that one a lot! I agree…however the deliberate act of NOT looking for patterns is just as dangerous as finding patterns where none exist. There was a case reported on the Age of Autism website recently of a child who was clearly displaying the signs of tetanus when he was rushed to hospital, but the doctors refused to countenance that this could be the cause, he had just been given his DTaP you see, so he was ‘immune’. This was not reported or recorded (or treated!) as a case of tetanus.


I had a case recently where a patient was detoxing the MMR vaccine using homeopathy. Her son came out in a rash and she understandably took him to her G.P. As he had been vaccinated, the G.P proclaimed that he had chicken-pox (the physical symptoms for measles & chicken-pox are identical at that stage). Now as a mental exercise, imagine what would have happened if that child had presented with those symptoms and was unvaccinated! There would have been a measles diagnosis, an official notification of a measles case, and probably stories in the local press of how unvaccinated children are going to cause an epidemic.


My repeated point is: accurate data is not being collected…and in some cases this is done deliberately.


Agency Capture

Is there any evidence that pharmaceutical companies have ever acted unlawfully or immorally & knowingly harmed people for profit?

Um… yes!! There are vast numbers of cases, it almost seems like part of their business model. It will take five minutes to check for yourself online. The companies that manufacture the vast majority of the world’s vaccines have shown again & again that they will willingly injure and kill people for profit, but we are somehow expected to engage in a bit of ‘double-think’ and believe that their vaccine division has a different set of ethics from the rest of the company and wouldn’t do exactly the same thing?


So if there have been lots of cases that these companies have deliberately harmed people for profit, could it be possible that they are harming people for profit by promoting unsafe vaccines?


It’s an open secret that the government agencies have been co-pted years ago and are now more like departments within the big pharma companies (witness the ‘revolving door’ between executives in the CDC and pharma…and sometimes back again). It bears a striking similarity to the financial sector and the corruption and (deliberate) ‘oversight failure’ of the agencies tasked with protecting the people’s interests that goes on there.

All I can hope is that parents and others use social media to connect with one-another, build an evidence base, jail the b*stards. In a hundred years I think that mass-vaccination will be see as our civilisation’s greatest folly.

Alan Freestone