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I’m sure most of us are aware of the increasing ineffectiveness of the 20th centuries wonder-drug, anti-biotics.

Most stories in the papers are designed to make us more fearful, & this one is no exception. That anti-biotic resistant bacteria are spreading fast is true, as is the fact that many people are dying due to them. In my opinion the REAL reason for the rapid proliferation of these microbes was buried halfway down the article, the routine anti-biotic drugging of food animals. For example 80% of anti-biotics sold in the US is destined for this market. THAT’S the elephant in the room…industrial food production causes stress & ill health in animals. Don’t expect politicians to do anything about this anytime soon, the big-food lobbyists will make sure of that. The only sane, sustainable food choice is local, small-scale, organic….going against the cultural trend of the past 50 years.

However, what I want to discuss is… I don’t believe all the scare stories are justified. Homeopathy was dealing with infections very satisfactorily BEFORE anti-biotics came along, & it will deal with them AFTER anti-biotics. There is a group of remedies famed for dealing with infection: Myristica, pyrogen, gunpowder, calendula & others. We have the ‘weapons’ ready & waiting.

It’s not JUST homeopathy that has a monopoly… natural doctors have been inducing fevers for thousands of years as a way of assisting our bodies deal with infection. Medicine today sees a fever as something to fear (that word again), something to be suppressed. But natural medicine recognises it as THE most potent method of self-healing that our bodies possess. For example mortality rates for the wounded in the Battle of Trafalgar were about the same as you would expect today using anti-biotics & all the other wonder drugs of modern medicine. All those dirty, shrapnel & splinter filled wounds…yet most of them recovered.